So here’s what I’m a-thinkin’

I’m going to do a re-vamp on my blog. I’m working on, not exactly starting over, but on a new beginning. (Yes I’m splitting hairs) This year I’ve decided to be happy. That’s it. No huge resolutions. No big scary, life-altering decision. Just. Be happy.

and cue Bobby Mcferrin…

My husband gave me some great advice (weird eh?) I was really down on myself and just feeling miserable and alone. It was one of many, “I’m crap” moments. I lamented not being able to talk to anyone about anything serious without getting a frozen deer-in-headlights look or the typical, “Well, -insert cause of current frustration- was your choice.” He just looked at me and said, “If you came to yourself feeling like you are now, what would you say to yourself?”

Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight buuuuuulb

There’s a lot I would tell myself! “You are a kick ass mother who isn’t afraid to make a mess if her kids would have fun or learn something. You are raising happy, healthy children who are inquisitive, loving and creative. Despite being overwhelmed with renovations, work and homeschooling, you never quit and NEVER give up. You are always willing to listen to and help people even when it’s not convenient. Your house isn’t perfect. So what? I know you better than to think it’s because you are lazy or just don’t care. I admire you. You are honest and caring, creative and funny. I love that you’re a nerd with champagne tastes on a water budget. You aren’t the huge, ugly whale you see in the mirror.” I would then give myself the biggest hug of hugs and tell myself to get back at ‘er.

So I am.